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Fee Structure

Fee Structure

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OFDC-D8-13.1 OFDC Organic Contract Review Form Attachment.pdf

Address:8 Jiangwangmiao St. Nanjing 210042

If you have the following business needs, please contact:

Domestic certification business for China Organic, Canada Organic and EU equivalent (the Inspection Department, Division I):025-85287038、85287142

JAS organic certification (the Inspection Department, Division II):025-85287244

GAP certification (the Inspection Department, Division VIII):025-85287109

Overseas certification for China Organic (the Inspection Department, Division III):025-85287249

Input evaluation (the Inspection Department, Division IV):025-85287235

The Inspection Department, Division V:025-85287614

Certificate, Transaction handling (the Certification Department):025-85287248

Organic anti-fake label application (the Certification Department):025-85287271


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