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OFDC is an independently registered corporation. It has its own independent right for Personnel management and Financial operation and inspection and certification activities. Legal representative of OFDC is Mr. Zhang Jibing.


OFDC has been registered in Nanjing Industry and Commercial Management Bureau and obtained Organizational Code (73887745-8). OFDC Logo also has been registered and registration codes are 1085219、1085285、1089555、1090130、3826428、3826429、3826430 and 3826431。


OFDC has been accredited by China National Certification and Accreditation Administration with the accreditation number of CNCA-R-2004-134. OFDC has also been accredited by China National Accreditation Board for Certifiers, with the accreditation number of CNAS086-0 and CNAS086-P.

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