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OFDC Certification logo
    OFDC logo has been register in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. OFDC trademark is a ring pattern, with an inner ring and an outside ring. The pattern within the inner ring means widely organic food of plant or animal that OFDC certified. The words with the figure of OFDC logo are “certified organic”, “certified organic-in-conversion”, and” China Good Agriculture Practice”. All the products been certified by OFDC can use OFDC logo, once been approved by OFDC Certification Committee. OFDC logo can be enlarged or reduced in size without any change to the shape and color. IFOAM logo can be used combining with OFDC logo, on products been certified under OFDC organic certification standard, including certification scope of crops, mushroom, livestock, aquaculture, wild harvest, processing and inputs. TD>
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