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    1. Accreditation

OFDC is among the first organic certification bodies accredited by CNAS.

OFDC is the only Chinese organic certification body accredited by IFOAM,which also includes ISO65 accreditation.

OFDC is the only Chinese organic certification body accredited by Canadian organic authority.

The OFDC Organic Product Certification Standard has been recognized by IOAS as equivalent to the EU regulation EEC834/839.

OFDC is the signatory of the IFOAM Multilateral Agreement on recognition of organic certification.

    2. Inspection and Certification

OFDC is the first established organic product certification body in China (in 1994).

OFDC organized the first international organic inspection in China in 1990.

OFDC is among the first China-GAP certification bodies authorized by CNCA.

OFDC’s organic and China-GAP certification services cover more than 500 kinds of products of 20 categories and the number of certificate issued by OFDC exceeds 600 annually.

OFDC’s certification services have been extended to North America, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries.

    3. Technical Support Provided to the Government

Drafted the first set of government rules on organic food management—“Measures for Management of Organic Food”, “Technical Norm for Organic Food Production and Processing” in 2001.

Responsible for the approval assessment of “National Organic Food Demonstration Production Base”.

Joining the National Organic Certification Technology Expert Group of CNCA.

Joining the expert group of CCAA for evaluation of national organic certification inspectors

To be the member of Certification Technical Committee of CNAS.

Participated in the drafting and revision of the "National Organic Product Standards" and related regulations.

Participated in the evaluation of the China-GAP National Series Standards.

    4. Research and Cooperation

Has cooperated with many international organizations such as UNEP, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IFOAM, GTZ, AMBER Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, etc. on promoting Chinese organic agriculture movement.
Has carried research projects such as “Organic Agriculture Development in Poverty Striking Areas”, “Comparative Study of Organic Agriculture Development in China”, “Development of Organic Agriculture in Semi-Arid Area of China”,“Research on Ensuring and Technology for Environmental Security of Agricultural Production” and “Developing Organic Agriculture for Controlling of Rural Non-Point Pollution in Taihu Lake Basin”, etc.
Initiated regional organic food development planning in China and has accomplished tens of organic food development planning projects for provinces, regions, cities and counties.
Joined IFOAM Standard Committee and participated in revision of IFOAM Basic Standard and Criteria.
One of OFDC’s “Ecological Agriculture Research Demonstration Bases”——Heheng Village was awarded “Global 500 Roll of Honor in Protection and Improvement of the Environment” by UNEP.
Has published more than 200 research papers and 9 books.

    5. International Exchange

Participated in conferences, workshops and forums organized by international organizations such as FAO, UNEP, UNCTAD, IFOAM, etc.
Joined IFOAM Standard Committee and Development Committee.
Provided consultation services for research and development projects, cooperating with the WWF, IFAD and related organizations of United States, Netherlands, Canada, etc.
Has cooperated with world-famous organic agriculture development organizations such as FiBL, Soil Association, Grolink, JONA , NASAA, etc.

    6. Publicity and Extension

Has successively organized "National Annual Training Workshop for Development and Information Exchange on Organic Products" and other regional training activities since 1994, more than one million people have been benefited from the trainings.
Editing and issuing the first journal on organic sector in China —“Organic Food Times”.
Has organized and sponsored organic product expos in China for supporting the building up of a long-term platform for organic product trade.
Has established cooperation with a number of well-recognized media for popularization of organic agriculture and organic food in China.
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