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Brief Introduction of Organic Food Times
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Brief Introduction of Organic Food Times

    Organic Food Times, published quarterly by OFDC, is the first internal communication on organic agriculture and organic food in China. Since its start in 1997, this publication has played an active role in developing China's organic industry, and is quite popular among organic sector and consumers.
 Organic Food Times mainly reports on the country’s latest development in organic agriculture, processing and trade, as well as techniques for organic agricultural. It also introduces the development of the world organic sector. Organic Food Times is not only popular with organic producers, processors and traders, but also a good friend to related educators and scientists as well as to consumers and other people who are concerning about organic agriculture, organic food and other organic products. Organic Food Times has also become a good reference to the decision makrers of related authorities. .

  With the rapid development of China's organic sector and for encouraging a better exchange of information, promoting healthy and sustainable development of organic industry, we are trying our best to make the Organic Food Times to be more demonstrative, popular and helpful. We sincerely hope to receive more contributes from our organic colleagues to share experiences, ideas, research achievements and practical techniques with all readers. You are quite welcome to put forward your views and comments on the development of China and the world organic movement. Introduction of domestic and international organic news is also appreciated.

  As all articles published in Organic Food Times are for internal communication only, the authors may further submit their articles to other publications, if needed.

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