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40 Years of IFOAM

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The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, better known as IFOAM, came to life in Versailles, France, on November 5, 1972. It all started during an international congress on Organic Agriculture organized by the French farmer initiative Nature et Progrès. There were five founding member organizations: the Soil Association (UK), the Biodynamic Association (Sweden), the Soil Association of South Africa, Rodale Press (USA) and Nature et Progrès.

40 years on, IFOAM has grown to a membership of 870 affiliates in over 120 countries.

Through this blog, IFOAM celebrates its 40 years as the only worldwide organic umbrella organization, by taking you on a journey across sustainable livelihoods: on its way to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, our sky lantern symbolically stops at 40 locations where friends of IFOAM and affiliates tell their story about sustainable livelihoods and share their message to Rio+20.

40th Anniversary Celebration

On November 26, 2012, IFOAM will host a 40th anniversary celebration at its Head Office. The program is outlined below. Please note that this is a closed event for invited and registered guests only.

17:30: Organic without Boundaries Ceremony

On the lawn between the IFOAM Head Office, the Post Tower and the UN Building, IFOAM will welcome back the sky lantern that it sent off on a journey across the world earlier on in the year. The lantern’s journey is the leitmotiv for this blog, symbolized by the blog posts from organic people all over the world. The mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch and IFOAM’s President, Andre Leu, will lead this ceremony.

18:00: Welcome Reception & Organic Get-Together

The IFOAM President officially opens the reception and presents IFOAM’s 40 Years Book (free for all guests). Over music, food and drinks, invited guests from all over the world exchange.

20:00 – 22:00: Concert ‘Aqua-phony & Nature Sounds’

A musical highlight featuring Sinfonia di Vetro ( with special guest Rhett Brewer ( rounds off the evening.

Venue: Room Bonn, Post Tower (across from IFOAM Head Office)

Admission: 25

22:00 – 24:00: Organic After-Hours

For those wishing to stay on to catch up with old and new friends from the movement, music and light snacks continue to be offered at the Head Office until midnight.

If you have questions, please contact

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