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OFDC Visiting BioFach 2015

Time:2015-8-11 Hits:4592

   BIOFACH in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food; get to know each other and exchange views, and this for more than 25 years since 1990! As a visiting professional you can meet organic producers from the international organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest international trends. On February 11 to 14, 2015, BioFach 2015 was held in Nuremberg and Xiao Xingji and Zhang Jibing from NIES have joined this exhibition as an exhibitor.
   Organic Food Development and Certification Center (OFDC) from NIES, cooperated with Italian notable certificate body, BAC, set up a booth at Stand 415, Hall 1. NIES’ Exhibitors took the positive and effective communication with organic collogues from all over the world, which will be very helpful for developing overseas organic certification, seeking cooperation opportunities and enhancing international influence for NIES.
   On February 11, 2015, OFDC held the “Opening Ceremony of OFDC Overseas Representative Agency and Forum of Organic Certification and Market of China”, and declared that OFDC overseas representative was formally established. This forum raised wide attention and influence among domestic and international organic collogues, not only releasing to the public the Chinese laws and regulations for organic product and market development opportunities, but also expanding the influence of Chinese organic industry on the international stage.
As a pioneer of Chinese organic industry, OFDC has become the key and core force for promoting the development of Chinese organic sector and has large market share and high reputation. Through this big event, we have absorbed much knowledge and new idea, and also known the world organic trend and updated product information. Moreover, we have the deep communication with many organic colleagues, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation on the organic agriculture programs.





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